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Looking for a bike that's fast, fun, and easy to ride? The Hei Hei is the perfect choice! With 120mm of front and 100mm of rear travel, this bike is designed to climb like a mountain goat and descend like a cheetah. It's affordable, no-frills, and has everything you need for an exhilarating ride.

Whether you're tackling cross-country trails or hitting the more technical routes, the Hei Hei blurs the line between XC and trail bikes, making it a versatile option for various terrains. Its staying power in our lineup for decades is a testament to its exceptional performance and quality.

Key features:

  • 120mm front and 100mm rear travel for a smooth and responsive ride
  • Efficient climbing capabilities like a mountain goat
  • Agile descending performance akin to a cheetah
  • Versatile design blurring the line between XC and trail bikes
  • Affordable with no-frills, providing everything you need

Experience the thrill of every ride with the Hei Hei and join the countless riders who end their journeys with a smile.

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