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Honzo is Kona’s foundational masterpiece, offering an unmatched riding experience. With an aggressive design and a 120mm fork, it's the perfect solution for those craving a more thrilling trail adventure. The enhanced agility and effective suspension make conquering challenging terrains a breeze, appealing to both seasoned riders and newcomers venturing into the mountain biking world.

Key Features:

  • Aggressive design for a more thrilling riding experience
  • 120mm fork for tackling technical trail sections with ease
  • Timeless hardtail appeal


  • Enhanced agility and maneuverability on the trails
  • Effective suspension for conquering challenging terrains
  • Suitable for both seasoned and newer riders exploring mountain biking

Use Cases:

The Honzo is perfect for riders seeking an exhilarating and versatile hardtail that can handle aggressive trail riding and technical challenges. It’s also ideal for those looking to transition into the world of mountain biking with a high-quality, dependable choice.

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