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The Process 134 CR DL is the ultimate combination of beauty and power in our product lineup. With its sleek, cable-free design and top-of-the-line specifications, this bike is sure to capture attention throughout the entire season. Featuring 134mm of rear travel, this bike effortlessly descends trails like no other mid-travel trail bike you've ever experienced.

It's our secret weapon, excelling in lightning-fast climbs and tearing through downhill sections with the ferocity of a hungry cougar chasing its prey. This bike boasts an exceptional suspension balance that instills confidence and responsiveness when navigating rapid consecutive turns. Even in rough terrain, its 134mm of travel doesn't hinder its performance, as it effortlessly plows through rough patches, effectively dampening smaller bumps.

As praised by Mountain Bike UK, "The good suspension balance adds confidence and responsiveness when tackling fast consecutive turns. Get into rougher terrain and you soon forget this little bike only has 134mm of travel as it hammers through the chunder, muting smaller bumps impressively."

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